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Why rekeying your home is important

When you move into a new home, do you ever wonder who else out there has keys or access? This is something every renter and homeowner alike should consider. It is a simple process to eliminate all random keys and duplicate keys that may exist and be floating around “out there” somewhere.The peace of mind that comes from knowing you are in control of who has access to your home is paramount. 

The process is simple. A trusted locksmith can come to your home and simply rekey (or re-pin) your existing locks so that the new key is the only one that can open your door. Sometimes locks are not always compatible with each other to be able to use the same key. Lock hardware can then be swapped out for compatible keyways to accommodate the same key. This is very useful when you want to reduce the amount of keys your house needs as you can reduce this down to one key! It’s always great to simplify the little things in your life, especially when it’s something you have to do every single day.

Sometimes there is a need to have a different key for a specific part of the house, e.g. an AirBNB rental you may have in the west wing or the back house. Or maybe it is a triplex dwelling and you need a masterkey system designed so that one “master” key works on all three entry doors but each door has individual “change” key that only works on one door. 

We can set up your rekey however it suits your security needs. Please don’t hesitate to call for an estimate or to ask questions on how to best design your home’s locks.