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For more than a decade, Lock Pixies Locksmith has been serving the people of Denver. We are proud to be part of this community because our staff members/employees live and work here. We are currently offering our quality locksmith services for car owners, homeowners, and business owners/managers.

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 On a snowy night in Denver, I needed a car locksmith fast. The response from Lock Pixies was incredible.

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After dealing with a Lock Pixies locksmith, that will be the only locksmith I’ll call in the future.

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 I couldn’t believe how cheap it was to get 4 car doors and the truck rekeyed by Lock Pixies.

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Locked Out of Car in Denver

Eventually, all of us are going to go through the experience of seeing locked keys in the car. When it happens to you, you’ll likely experience that sinking feeling of helplessness. You might even start to panic. However, the time will come when you’ll settle and look for a way to handle getting locked out of the car in Denver.

Unless you have the tools needed to unlock the car door, your options will be limited. Fortunately for you, contacting a quality car lockout service like Lock Pixies Locksmith will be one of those options.

Locked Out of Car

When summoned for car lockout service, one of our well-trained and licensed car locksmiths will head to your location. Upon arriving, they will quickly assess the situation and move to get your car door open as fast as possible. In most cases, they will have the tools they need to get your car door open in a matter of minutes. Even better, they should be able to achieve success without causing any collateral damage to your car door or lock.

After our locksmith technician saves the day, you might want to ask them to make you a spare key or two. A well-hidden key is the ounce of prevention you might need in the future.

Locked Keys in Trunk

Locked Keys in Trunk

If you ever locked your keys in the trunk, you are one of the hundreds of millions of drivers who came before you to do so.

Locked keys in the trunk usually occur by accident because car owners get distracted, something that likely applies to you. If by chance the trunk release button inside your car or your fob device fails, you are going to need help from Lock Pixies Locksmith.

For our locksmiths, the real challenge comes from the need to find the best way to open the trunk without causing collateral damage in the process. Keep in mind that not all trunk locks are the same. With that said, picking the lock would be the preferred option. If not possible, two options would remain.

First, it might be possible to get into the trunk through the backseat. Surprisingly, some makes and models are made in a way that this is a viable option. Of course, this option often comes with the risk of damage to the car. If all else fails, we might need to drill a small hole in the lock to spring it.

Regardless of the process used, our locksmith will get your keys back and make sure your trunk locking system is working right before they leave.

Broken key Extraction and Ignition Repair

Unfortunately, car keys are not as sturdy as you might think they should be. Under too much pressure when inserted in the ignition, they are subject to breaking and bending. Should this happen to you, we would recommend a “hands-off” approach to avoid additional damage. We would further recommend that you call us for help.

When our locksmiths are dealing with a broken key in the ignition, they have to focus on two things. First, they need to extract the broken key. They do have the tools they will need to manage this task. Rest assured, they will proceed with great care in an effort to remove the key without causing damage.

Ignition Repair

After the key has been extracted, step two is to test the ignition system for possible damage. If there is no damage, they’ll make a new key and send the car owner on their way. If there is damage to the ignition, they will be fully prepared to repair the damage and restore the ignition system back to proper working condition. If necessary, they also have the wherewithal to replace the ignition system. This applies to cars of all makes/models/years.

Car Key Replacement in Denver

Car Key Replacement in Denver

If you have a broken car key or simply lost your keys, there is no need to fret. Our mobile locksmith units are fully equipped with the supplies and machines that are needed to cut new keys. If by chance you have an original key, they can cut you replacement keys in a matter of minutes. If your car key is lost, the process of making a key replacement becomes a little more challenging.

However, we can make keys without the original. We would just need clear access to the car’s VIN number to ensure we use the right key stock.

If you use a smart fob device to open car doors and start the ignition, we can replace those as well. We can find the appropriate device and program it to communicate with your in-dash computer system. We use special software for the programming, which allows us to also remove the programming for the missing device.

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Locked Keys in Your Car?
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do locksmiths know it’s your car?

Before we can unlock your car or make you a replacement key, we will need to see the documentation that indicates who you are and how you are tied to ownership of the car in question.

Does unlocking a car door without a key damage it?

The potential for damage is there. That is why it’s better to let our professional locksmiths handle the process on your behalf.

Can a car unlock service open any car?

In almost all cases, we can unlock a car with little to no damage with no regard for the car’s make/model/year.

How can we help you?

It’s important to remember that should you have any trouble unlocking or getting into the car, it’s a manageable problem for a professional locksmith company like Lock Pixies Locksmith. Our fine team of well-trained locksmith technicians can handle any problem related to car locks, keys, and ignition systems. Our services are always affordable with your satisfaction guaranteed.

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