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Locksmith Services in Thornton, Colorado

Locksmith Services in Thornton, Colorado

Proudly serving Greenwood Village and all Denver metro areas since 2011

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Our professional locksmith company has served the Thornton area for over a decade. You can trust us to provide high-quality service. We are a locksmith in Thornton who has worked within the Denver metro area.

We help with both commercial and residential locksmith services. You can also count on us for emergencies. Your safety and security is our utmost priority. We want to serve the area for several years and are dedicated to anyone who calls us.

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 On a snowy night in Denver, I needed a car locksmith fast. The response from Lock Pixies was incredible.

Sally H.

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After dealing with a Lock Pixies locksmith, that will be the only locksmith I’ll call in the future.

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 I couldn’t believe how cheap it was to get 4 car doors and the truck rekeyed by Lock Pixies.

Marcus M.

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Automotive Locksmith

When you are looking for a Denver locksmith who can make duplicate keys or have to rekey your ignition, you should look no further than our team. We are a professional automotive locksmith who can help with any model or make.

It doesn’t matter how old your vehicle is. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in handling any type of service call. We can also provide key fob or car lockout service safely within the area. We’re fully equipped to handle any issue, large or small. If you have a question about our services, feel free to give us a call.

Automotive Locksmith - Thornton
Commercial Locksmith - Thornton

Commercial Locksmith

Your business is valuable to protecting your employees and assets. Your security system should be up to date and in working order. If you have any questions, we can determine whether the security system is in running order.

We can also help with master lock systems, which have control over who enters and exits the building. This is important for preventing any security threats such as former employees and intruders.

Our commercial locksmith can help with any size business. We strive to keep offices, businesses, and commercial properties operating smoothly. That way, you can go back to doing what you do best, which is to generate money and serve your customers.

Residential Locksmith

We take residential security concerns seriously. The last thing we want is for the residents of the Denver metro area to have a security issue. Our team will respond to any call right away. We treat each service call like an emergency.

We respond within 30 minutes or less. Our team works hard to handle your lock rekey or replacement needs. What we do is take a look at your lock and doorknob. We help you find the right fit for your home so you can get it installed as soon as possible.

You don’t even have to wait long to enjoy new security in your home. We also can help with changing the keys or security system.

Residential Locksmith - Thornton
Emergency Locksmith - Thornton

Emergency Locksmith

We understand how stressful emergencies can be. Our emergency locksmith service wants to reduce that stress and anxiety. Our team will handle any type of situation. They will never judge you or make you feel insecure about getting locked out of your car.

Because of this, we offer a car lockout service that will get you in and out of your vehicle. Our mobile locksmith in Thornton will show up at the location. You don’t have to put yourself in a dangerous situation for our needs.

We are a locksmith that offers emergency help whenever you need it. We also help you calm down and let you know that everything will be okay. You’ll get back to your daily life again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change locks myself?

It’s better to hire a professional to change the locks. One option is to go to the hardware store and choose the locks and the lock sets you want. Ask the service professional to repin all of them for you. Another option is to call a professional locksmith like Lock Pixies.

Can locksmiths remove broken keys?

Yes. A professional locksmith can remove the broken keys from the lock. They typically charge a labor fee for the time and knowledge required to remove the broken key from the lock. If they need additional parts or special tools to remove the broken key, this increases the price.

Can a locksmith cut off a lock?

Yes. A professional locksmith would have to make an impression on the lock. The lock doesn’t have to be taken apart. Rather, a lock impression would allow the locksmith to make a new key without cracking the code. A qualified locksmith can make a new key this way.

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