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Who We Are?

We are a team of locksmiths who have experienced all types of situations and who have learned the best way to respond when a key won’t turn in ignition or you end up locked out of a vehicle. We serve Denver, CO with quality assistance and care.

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Ignition Switch Replacement

Ignition Switch Replacement

When an engine won’t start or it is hard for you to turn the key in your car, it might be time for an ignition switch replacement. The ignition switch is one of the many components of your vehicle that can get damaged through use or randomly fall apart and fail you. A faulty ignition switch can lead to problems when you are first trying to get the vehicle going or while you are driving. It is best to have ignition repair and replacement work done as soon as you think that something might be going on with the ignition switch.

Why Key Won’t Turn in Ignition?

If you stick your key into your vehicle and then become frustrated because it will not turn and start up the car, you need to figure out what’s wrong. You may simply have forgotten to shift your vehicle into park, and checking the shifter is a good thing to do right away. If the problem is not that simple, though, there may be buildup in your ignition or something may have broken. You might reach out for help to have ignition repair work completed or to replace ignition switch and have the problem resolved.

Why Key Won't Turn in Ignition?
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Our Locksmith Services

We are dedicated to showing up in the place where your vehicle is at and helping you resolve the issues that you are facing. Whether your vehicle is at your work and has a key fob that is causing trouble or at your home and needing an ignition repair job, we will come to it and get to work right away. We are dedicated to becoming the best locksmiths in the Denver, CO area and we will make sure that you never regret reaching out to us when you have issues with your car or home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will it take a long time for your team to handle my ignition issue?

We will try to get things done in the quickest manner possible so that dealing with a key stuck in ignition does not stop you from showing up for all of your responsibilities or arriving on time when people are expecting you.

Will it cost a lot if I need to have my ignition switch taken out and replaced with a new one?

It is actually pretty affordable to have that work done and we keep all of our services fairly priced.

Can I trust your team not to damage my vehicle while working on it?

No matter what type of work you need us to handle on your vehicle, we will use care in all that we do and make sure that we don’t cause damage.

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How can we help you?

When you try to take care of locks, faulty ignitions, and key issues on your own, you end up frustrated and you may even put your vehicle at risk. We show up to provide services to make your life easier and to make sure that your car receives proper care.

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