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Home security and safety tips

Unfortunately, crime happens. And it’s been happening more in the Mile High City!

Here are some tips to help secure your home and keep your family safe:

  1. If your door has a glass pane on or adjacent to it, you’ll want to consider a double-sided deadbolt which is keyed on both sides. The last thing you want to do is make it easy for an intruder, and breaking the glass to unlock your deadbolt is way too easy!
  2. Grade 2 locks for residences is what we like to recommend. They are harder to pick and manipulate, plus it’s a deterrent to have better locks on your doors!
  3. Security strikes are a great and inexpensive way to prevent your door from being kicked down easily. It is a thicker and bigger plate that sits on your door frame, reinforced with 3” screws or longer.
  4. Don’t forget to lock your doors! It’s amazing how many people leave their homes vulnerable with an unlocked door.
  5. DO NOT ever leave your car to warm up unattended. Car theft is rampant! Plus, it’s illegal in Denver and you can can ticketed if you leave a car idle on its own for more than 5 minutes.