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Well priced, efficient, and friendly. We’re replacing multiple doorknobs and locks at our business, and Josh helped us out a lot!

Recovery L.

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I’ve been saved by [Lock Pixies] for years now. I can always count on this woman to come to my rescue. Reliable and professional. From opening my car, my house and changing my locks when it was needed.

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Josh is excellent at this. He is honest and friendly.

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Who We Are?

The professionals at Lock Pixies are highly trained and led by a management team that is focused on the safety and security of Denver citizens. Their mobile services mean that your lockout, of your home, car or business, will be treated as an emergency. Once you call us at 720-304-5504, we will treat your situation as our emergency to rush.

Lock Pixies can also meet with you to change out the locks on your new car, home or business.

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We Are BMW Locksmith Experts

We Are BMW Locksmith Experts

As with many luxury vehicles, BMW security features are quite advanced. Your BMW key fob includes programming that is specific to your vehicle. To earn the right to be a BMW locksmith, we have to prove that we not only have the technology but the certifications and bonding to work on these highly advanced vehicle fobs.

If you purchase a used BMW and are not sure that you also got all the fobs, it’s a good idea to invest in BMW key fob replacement. This will confirm that you are the only person who can access your BMW.

It’s also important to note that key fob batteries can fail. If you struggle to lock or unlock your car or have to push the button several times, reach out to us at Lock Pixies. We can help you quickly swap out a battery before the fob dies completely and leaves you stranded.

Importance of BMW Key Fob Replacement

If you lose your fob or your keys are taken, it is critical that you contact us for a newly programmed fob as soon as possible. Your car could be quickly taken out of your control and damaged or stripped.

Importance of BMW Key Fob Replacement
Full Range Of BMW Car Locksmith Services

Full Range Of BMW Car Locksmith Services

Whether you have purchased an older vehicle and just need a BMW replacement key or you want a whole new lockset, we can help. Because BMW vehicles hold their values, that new lockset and set of door locks is crucial to protecting your investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replace a key fob for a BMW?

The age of your vehicle and the security on your fob will impact the price. It will certainly be less expensive to work with a locksmith than to go to your BMW dealership.

How do I get another BMW key fob?

If you have one fob and want one with the exact same programming, Lock Pixies can help. We can usually get to your location within 30 minutes, and it may take up to 30 more minutes to program your new fob.

Can a locksmith program a BMW key fob?

The right locksmith with the right certifications can program your new BMW key fob. Save yourself the worry of wondering if that used BMW you just got is secure and only under your control.

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How can we help you?

Most people will not need a locksmith in their lifetime. For most folks, the day they do need a locksmith will stand out in their memory as the day they locked their keys in the car or house.

However, you may find that you can use our services repeatedly. You might purchase an older used BMW and need a new set of door and ignition locks and keys. You might invest in a newer but used BMW and want new fobs programmed to protect your security. You may just put your fob to a lot of use and need new batteries frequently.

It’s also important to remember that our mobile services can be of use to you at your home or business. If you have recently purchased a home, changing the locks is the first thing on the agenda. If you own a business and many employees have keys to the building or vehicles associated with it, it takes only one tough termination to mean you need to re-key everything. Being proactive with these re-keying projects is easy for us; we’ll be there as soon as we can after getting your call.

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