Nomad T

Call here first.

After getting locked out of my house in my bunny slippers when taking out the recycling, I tried about 20 places from my poor neighbors phone before I actually connected with someone who knew what the heck was going on. I am quite certain I was, in part, reaching call centers in locations for which I’d need a Lonely Planet to visit, and no one knew when a locksmith could come, how much it would cost, or even how far the locksmith was from my residence. No one seemed to know anything, really, until I reached Christine.

She was the first person who picked up the phone who was an actual locksmith. She came over within 15 minutes and solved my problem. Plus, she’s damn cool. I’m telling you, there’s definitely material for a cable television series here. Cute, fun girl with a locksmith belt and an Astro van, totally capable of getting dolts like me back into their houses so they can finish their morning coffee and get back to work.

The whole transaction went smoothly, and I was quite happy with the experience. As happy as you can be when your bunny slippers get soaked anyway.