David “Locked and Loaded” M

Ain’t it great when someone does the exact thing they’ve promised. Does a perfect job at a fair price and is sweet as can be about it?

Before I wrote this review Lock Pixies had 27 Yelp reviews and every one of them was 5 stars. Now with my review the company’s got 28 reviews and still all at 5 stars. Why is that you might ask. What makes this business ratings-perfect?

The answer all comes down to Christine the owner/operator. Call up lots of locksmiths in town and you’ll get a call center that refers your call to an independent locksmith that does contract work for the company you thought you were calling. They aren’t really connected with the company or if they are it’s just as an independent contractor that’s using the company name as a marketing tool. That’s about as different from how Lock Pixies works as you can get.

Call Lock Pixies and the owner, Christine, answers the phone. You describe your issue and she sets up an appointment that she personally services.

Given some recent security issues in our neighborhood I called yesterday and asked Christine if she could squeeze us in today to change all our door keys. She promised to make it work even though it’s a weekend. And just as scheduled she showed up, professionally and quickly did the job at the quoted price and couldn’t have been nicer or more efficient about it. Bottom line is that Christine and Lock Pixies is now my locksmith of choice for all our mobile lock servicing.